Hi, I am Sharanya Suraj. The heart and soul, the chief cuisinier and the face behind Pepper and Zest. I have always believed that cooking is all about people. Food is maybe the only universal thing that really has the power to bring everyone together. No matter the culture, people all over the world eat together. 

My culinary journey began with simple baking experiments at home and was fuelled by the diverse flavours and palates I experienced in my travels across the world. By spearheading Bangalore’s first dessert marketplace, managing the operations of a pan-India cloud-kitchen company, and launching my own baking brand, I feel like have carved a niche for myself in the F&B industry.
“Our brain is a pleasure-seeking machine. Eat well today for happiness tomorrow.”


Over the last couple of years, I noticed a monotony in the ‘jams and spreads’ available both at breakfast tables and our retail shelves. I wanted to bring a new energy to this exciting food space, and that’s how Pepper & Zest came to be!
Life is unpredictable, hectic, and fast. But it is also full of laughter, sunshine, and friendship. It is sometimes heated, and often sweet. Sometimes Pepper, and often Zest. With edgy, experimental flavour combinations carefully handcrafted to make your palate sing, Pepper & Zest brings new life to gourmet jams, preserves, nut butters, and pesto spreads. Experience sweetness with a kick of heat, and spice with a delightful sharpness – indeed, ‘the spirit of flavour’.
There’s been a lot of testing and tasting…and testing and tasting to make sure that these gourmet spreads are the best you’ve ever tasted.
Our cooking philosophy is simple : we cherish and champion our main ingredients, using them in their purest form to ensure you relish the authentic and unique flavour in every bite! Our products are made with lots of love and care, and have NO refined sugar, oil or additives. We aim to create a culinary experience that is blissful, scrumptious, healthy and preservative-free.
All the products manufactured at Pepper & Zest are made under extremely hygienic conditions and undergo thorough quality checks. We use only organic and the freshest of produce, and everything you see in our ingredients list is all that has been added to make the dish! Most of our products are child friendly, allowing your little ones to indulge in this healthy goodness too.
Life is endlessly delicious – savour it with P&Z !