Privacy Policy

  1. Any information provided by our esteemed customers (address, contact details, etc) will be used by Pepper & Zest for our internal purposes only.
  2. The information gathered by Pepper & Zest will be used to get a better insight of shopping/spending preferences and habits of our customers, based on gender, age or geographical information.
  3. This information is in turn used to send you specific mailers based on your interests, likes and spending habits.
  4. The customer can opt-out from any mailers, telephone communications or any form of communication, anytime they wish to do so.
  5. Pepper & Zest will not provide any user information or the database that it gathers through the usage of its site by our customers to any third party/agency.
  6. Pepper & Zest also automatically tracks user information like IP address, type of browser used for viewing their site, pages viewed by a specific user, items added to cart and not billed, amongst other information. This information is also used for internal purposes and will not be shared or accessible to anyone or any agency.
  7. Pepper & Zest will not be held responsible for any leak of data due to a lapse in security like a hack or a data leak in the server. That being said, the highest levels of security and encryption based servers are used for data gathering and Pepper & Zest strives to keep all your personal information private.

Copyright Policy

All information provided on the website, including the text, images, logos, audio/video content and other such material are copyrighted materials of Pepper & Zest . Reproduction or storage of these materials downloaded, accessed, or retrieved from the website is subject to the Indian Copyright Act.