Pepita Cilantro Pea Pesto (with pumpkin seeds, sautéed peas and mint)

Rs. 375.00

This vibrant Mexican-inspired pesto lends a gorgeous splash of color and a delicious buttery texture to just about any protein-centered dinner. Pea smash gives the buttery texture, coriander and mint add elegance and a depth of flavour, pumpkin seeds lends it a warm, toasty flavour, while spring onion provide a sharp bite and a beautiful, dark-green contrast to the bright, verdant peas. A dash of lemon juice perks up the entire pesto. It all adds up to something heavenly and delicate enough to pair with a lightly seasoned filet of fish, or pairs as a great accompaniment for nachos and salsa. 

All our pestos are made using only 100% authentic and natural ingredients.

Organic | No Added Food Color | No Preservatives | Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Made with Parmesan Cheese | Healthy | Pumpkin Seeds 

All our pestos have a thin layer of olive oil (which may have frozen) on top to protect the pesto. Please mix well before consuming. 

Kindly refrigerate your pesto immediately and consume within 3-4 days of opening.