Ever wondered the origination of the world famous pesto? Pesto is a sauce originating in Genoa in the Liguria region of northern Italy, and from the time the Italians invented pesto it has always been prepared with crushed garlic, basil, European pine nuts, aged Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and blended with olive oil. The Italian word for pesto: pestare, means to pound, or to crush. Pesto was originally prepared with a marble mortar and wooden pestle. It is possible the mineral-rich seaside soil and temperate climate of Liguria is why pesto sauce has  become a beloved sauce in northern Italy, as they have the perfect conditions for growing basil. 


It’s always tempting to eat pesto by the spoonful. It’s so fresh, so green, so vibrant. And those flavors of basil, pine nut, Parmesan, garlic, and olive oil just play so very nicely together. Spread it on sandwiches, toss it with pasta, or yes, treat yourself a single happy spoonful, but definitely don't miss out on any chance you get to having pesto. 

Traditional preparations with pesto include trenette and triofe alla Genovese. Trenette, flat ribbon pasta almost identical to linguine with a surface the sauce can cling to are boiled along with small pieces of potato. They cook in about the same amount of time, and when they’re almost done, string beans are added to the boiling liquid. The three ingredients are then tossed with pesto, adding some starchy cooking water to help it coat.

We, at Pepper and Zest, have made life simpler for you by bringing to you an entire range of authentic and delicious pesto spreads from traditional basil pesto to a spinach parsley pesto made with pistachio to charred bell pepper sundried tomato pesto to a pea walnut pesto made with mint and pumpkin seeds. Delight your friends and family by creating exotic dishes with the help of these gourmet condiments.

We have put together 4 dishes below that we feel are very easy, extremely wholesome and super yum to make with our pesto :

  1. Corn on the cob smeared with P&Z's pepita cilantro pea pesto and lime
  2. Zoodle (zucchini spaghetti noodle) pasta and prawn skewers tossed with P&Z's traditional Italian basil pesto 
  3. Roasted sweet potato slices topped with P&Z's spinach pesto di pistachio
  4. Pesto pizza made with P&Z's traditional Italian basil pesto 



Let us know what you think of these suggestions. We look forward to your feedback :)
Written by Sharanya Suraj

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