Pesto Calabrese (with charred red bell pepper, sun-dried tomato and ricotta cheese)

Rs. 425.00

Our signature Pesto Alla Calabrese is a must-try. The smokiness from the charred red bell-peppers combined with the heat from fresh green jalapeños, creaminess of home made ricotta cheese , tangyness of sundried tomatoes and saltiness from Parmesan cheese makes this an irresistibe combo! Pesto-bilities are endless with our Pesto Calabrese. Top it on your crostini or use it as a dip for your chips or pickled veggie sticks. 

All our pestos are made using only 100% authentic and natural ingredients.

Organic | No Added Food Color | No Preservatives | Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Made with Parmesan and Ricotta Cheese | Blanched Almonds

All our pestos have a thin layer of olive oil (which may have frozen) on top to protect the pesto. Please mix well before consuming. 

Kindly refrigerate your pesto immediately and consume within 3-4 days of opening.