Spinach Pesto di Pistachio (with pistachio, blanched spinach and parsley)

Rs. 405.00

Pesto spreads have now become household staples and for good reason. If you have a great pesto lying in your fridge, you can get a delicious and nutritive meal ready under ten minutes. Our Spinach Pesto di Pistachio is one such staple you must have. The creaminess and rich flavour from the pistachio nuts along with the boost of green and nutrients from the spinach blended with a dash of lemon juice, garlic, parmesan and extra virgin olive oil heightens the overall flavour of the pesto. So grab a couple of these jars and pesto-away! 

All our pestos are made using only 100% authentic and natural ingredients.

Organic | No Added Food Color | No Preservatives | Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Made with Parmesan Cheese | Pistachio | Blanched Spinach 

All our pestos have a thin layer of olive oil (which may have frozen) on top to protect the pesto. Please mix well before consuming. 

Kindly refrigerate your pesto immediately and consume within 3-4 days of opening.